My review of 25dollar1up

Let me come straight to the product – It is a training bundle attached with several resources (videos, sales funnels, email swipes, pre written ads, follow ups, customer panel etc)for those who are into Affiliate Marketing. So this is one of those instances where your product itself becomes the reselling item as well as the business model. If you did not understand that, let me make it simple.

You are enrolling for a training (which here is the Affiliate Marketing Course). It teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing online tapping into the free social media market through a step by step approach and then you’re allowed to sell the very same training bundle with 100% Commission ($25-$100) unlimited number of times. Moreover, the sales proceeds are paid by your customer directly to your account – with no intermediaries. This is where it got interesting for me. It’s like you’ve got the rights to sell the product for lifetime. With step by step training on how to promote!

This is purely a sales-based business where you get paid for what you sell. And you start earning from the very first day of your account activation. There is a dedicated support group with over 800 members where you get help on anything that you may face.

Quality of the product – You’re not supposed to learn marketing from it and then apply for a marketing job at Microsoft or Amazon. If that’s your aim, there are management schools for you. The purpose of this content is very focused on tapping into the free social media space(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). And in my opinion, it does 100% justice in helping you do just that. In most cases, it’s a certain % of the price that companies give you. Here, you get 100% and believe me, that’s cool!

Let’s just do a broad analysis

✅ 100% Commission❌ Not MLM. Commission for only what you sell
✅ No intermediary – Direct Payment❌ Needs Self Discipline
✅ Income from First Day❌ No Choice over product
✅ Training and Support❌ Need to spend 2-3 Hrs Daily
✅ Product is not available outside
✅ Complete Marketing Material

If you’re fine with these, then (and then only) you can set out your journey with 25Dollar1Up and it will be fruitful enough to generate $1000 a month and even $100 a day within 2-3 months of effort.

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